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Be sure you work with the finest executive consulting team ever, because you can still rely on us for that. For the last few years, we've partnered with a variety of candidates. As a result, distinguishing the better prospects from the worse would be a daunting challenge. We have collaborated with a large number of candidates, and we make every effort to provide the right candidate for your team. This enables us to assist you in selecting the best candidate for your strategy. It will be good for you to partner with us since we still have several separate services.


T.A.H Trading Ltd can provide you complete Training services to keep your staff trained on the latest developments . We can arrange for you Training at your site or abroad in the Institute itself. We have pre – arranged major training service around the world specially , North Africa, Middle East and Asia.
Our aim is to support customers to keep them up-to-date, to identify the risks, which can only be achieved by building strong Workforce for which Professional training is a prerequisite:

  • The qualities of the educational programs that we organize are of the highest calibre.
  • These workshops are led by some of the finest trainers.
  • Many of these coaches have vast expertise in the sector.
  • They are aware of the issues that the companies are dealing with.
  • They have complete first-hand experience.
  • You will profit from their vast expertise.
  • They will provide step-by-step training to the staff.
  • We have nodules on a variety of subjects. Some of them are technical in nature and are about the matter.
  • The behavioural therapy curriculum is the other.
  • We place a greater emphasis on the behavioural aspect.
  • The modules are created based on the employees' seniority levels.
  • This services aid in the development of the employees' skills.
  • They must be trained according to the location where the construction is to take place.
  • These are classified by the employees' superiors, who then determine them.

Our Training services are not Limited to above  fields only , Our Experts can assist you to choose best training suitable to you according to your key requirements.

Engineering & Consulting

T.A.H Trading Ltd offers a complete range of engineering and consultancy services in the Renewable oil & gas sector, supply and services its many years of experience acquired in United Kingdom to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, America, Asia and beyond.

  • Owner’s engineering
  • Project management
  • Direction of works
  • Site management
  • Health & safety coordination
  • Sectors: oil & gas, refineries, exploration, construction


Our Construction services are substantial and we can assist you from the Procurement of Construction equipment through to site preparation.


T.A.H Trading Ltd are able to supply high quality Oilfield Equipment’s & Parts to the End users across the world. Based in UK, the Business Hub of the World We have excellent relationships with all major international equipment manufacturers in the Oil & Gas Industry which enables us to provide our customers with a reliable fast and efficient World-wide support service. We Provide internationally Recognized ISO and API Certified Products throughout the world, including North Africa, Middle East , Asia.

  • A.H Trading Ltd procurement services can bring to a buyer:
  • Offer systems and processes to limit risk and that ensure accountability, transparency and value for money
  • Assist in developing specifications and pre-qualifying suppliers
  • Manage tenders and Requests for Proposal and doing the negotiations to ensure fairness
  • To address the market’s needs, our procurement services model can cover both direct and indirect purchasing, as well as strategic and transactional purchasing.

Why T.A.H Trading Ltd?

To put it succinctly, we persuade by our

Experience | Through the years, we have acquired expertise and experiences in designing sourcing solutions and acquisition techniques in a number of sectors across Europe and internationally.

Supplier Base | Our multinational and diverse supplier base allows us to exploit x-over industries.

Location | We are based in the heart of Europe and work near-shore.

Staff | Because our personnel operate in recruitment every day, they are highly specialized and have extensive expertise in this area. Furthermore, they are also academically qualified (60 percent have a bachelor's degree, 40 percent have a master's degree).

Customization | We create industry-adjusted, tailor-made procurement systems that better meet the requirements of each client. These procedures are standardised by them in order to promote day-to-day business.